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  • The Struggle for Innocence: A Bridge of Magic Novel


    About The Struggle for Innocence

    In this suspenseful sequel to The Salvation of Innocence, the war against evil rages on. This time good must fight on two fronts to stop a great evil—one strong enough to commit genocide—or their world will be changed forever.
    After barely escaping death at the hands of the vampire Lukas, Emmy still faces an even greater threat. The Purge is approaching. Emmy and her comrades’ only chance is to get help from the sentient city of Elanesse and commit the first assault.

    Far way, another conflict is brewing. Father Horatio Goram must face off against the power-hungry First Counselor Mordecai Lannian, whose demonic concubine pushes for war, but the odds are against him. Emmy’s fate rests on this struggle, and this determined priest will do anything to win.

    In a realm where healing magic relies on a single emissary’s ability to commune with the gods, Emmy’s death would have wide repercussions. This sensational thriller reveals the destructive power evil will use to achieve its dastardly ends—and the depths to which good must go to stop it.


    The third book in this compelling series, The Loss of Innocence, is upcoming.




    Zacharias walked the hallways of the palace with purpose. He knew where he was going… the reliquary of the Ak-Samarië Shard… and he knew what he needed to do. Because of Zacharias’ penchant for privacy, only the late King Argonne knew he claimed to be the foremost authority on the shard and stone… though the King never gave the sorcerer any true credence. Nevertheless, Zacharias was granted unfettered access to the shard… something he’d never actually used since the King’s death.

    The guards nodded and stood aside as Zacharias walked up to the double doors of the reliquary. He paused and took a deep breath. One guard, misreading his delay as reluctance or confusion, opened one of the doors for him. Zacharias looked at the guard, smiled, and nodded before stepping into the reliquary. The door silently closed behind him.

    The size of the room was that of a closet rather than a legitimate room. It measured five feet by five feet and was empty except for the Ak-Samarië Shard, which floated in the center behind an invisible, magical barrier thought to be impenetrable. The shard itself looked like nothing more than a huge, magnificent green emerald. It shimmered with power. Roughly the size of a large chest, it was shaped like a teardrop with the tip pointed towards the floor. The many-faceted shard had been perfectly cut and Zacharias, as he’d done each time he visited, took a few moments to admire its exquisiteness. In his mind’s eye nothing compared favorably to the shard’s beauty. Nothing except life.

    Zacharias closed his eyes. “Please forgive me, but two worlds depend on this,” he whispered. Tears ran down his cheek. “Seek Queen Kyleigh Angelus-Custos. She’ll know what to do.”
    He set the tip of his staff on the floor and concentrated. His personal spell book appeared before him in the air and opened to a page near the end. Zacharias, reading from the book, mumbled words known only to sorcerers while he made symbols in the air with his free hand. When he had finished his incantation, brilliant energy leaped from his closed fist and surrounded the magical barrier surrounding the shard. The energy coalesced to a pinprick, fought the barrier for several seconds before pushing through, and struck the shard. The room exploded with an unworldly release of energy.